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The reception area at Kiddies Infant CareWerribee Paediatric Dental Surgeon Provides Tongue-Tie Treatment

Children Receive Compassionate Care at
Kiddies Infant Care

While it’s essential to ensure that children’s teeth stay clean and healthy, did you know that tongue health is also vital to a child’s wellbeing and development? That’s why at Kiddies Infant Care, we are passionate about addressing tongue-tie and thumb sucking in infants and children. As a mother of two, Werribee Dental Surgeon Dr Kar Mun Chan wants every child to be free of oral restrictions also known as tongue-tie or ankyloglossia. She is compassionate and always looking out for the best interest of her young patients.

The Impact of Tongue-Tie

Young boy with missing tooth laughing When the connecting skin under a baby’s tongue is too short or extends too far towards the front of the tongue ankyloglossia occurs. Though tongue-tie affects only approximately 4% of children, it can have a profound impact on the entire family. Tongue-tie can result in problems with the following: breastfeeding, swallowing, speech, jaw growth, dental decay, palatal development, tooth spacing and more. Now for the good news: Even for infants, tongue-tie can be treated in a simple, fast and highly effective way with laser treatment.

Preferred Provider for Treating Thumb-Sucking Habits

Our team at Kiddies Infant Care have done specific training with The Thumb Sucking Clinic and are now a preferred provider for treating Thumb-Sucking habits. For many children, thumb sucking is a reflexive and reassuring habit. After all, many kids take up the practice in the womb. Though it’s a convenient and soothing way to help babies and toddlers fall asleep, thumb sucking can wreak havoc on a child’s developing teeth and mouth. Dr Kar Mun Chan (Dental Surgeon), can provide your child with a customised treatment plan to break their thumb-sucking habit. She is offering this service due to her passion for helping children of all ages to have healthy, beautiful smiles!