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Aimee Carroll-Kierce, Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse

Aimee Carroll-KierceKiddies Infant Care wants to ensure you have the support you need before, during and after treatment for your child. This is why we have partnered with Aimee, Lactation Consultant from Ballarat.

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Education and Experience

Becoming enamored with the potential for helping mums, Aimee decided to become a registered nurse with specific neonatal training. She’s also completed additional courses in tongue tie, which is where she first met members of our team. Aimee believes that providing necessary help to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mums can greatly impact mental health in a positive way, and hopes to do exactly that for her clients.

Providing Needed Support

Each day, Aimee looks forward to helping support women who may be dealing with post-natal anxiety, depression and stress as they face the very normal difficulties of breastfeeding. As she puts it, “Whether it’s agonizing or terrifying, I’m here to support you on your journey.” Aimee has seen the effects of tongue tie first hand, as her son dealt with the problem. She now works with mums just like herself, as well as infants just like her son.

Outside the Practice

Outside of the practice, Aimee enjoys roller-skating, reading and being a mum herself. Get to know more about Aimee when you visit us for your first appointment. She truly looks forward to helping you experience the joys of new motherhood without the unnecessary stress.

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Aimee Carroll-Kierce, Lactation Consultant Werribee, Essendon VIC | 1300 527 370