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Eating Well for Nursing in Hot Weather

healthy diet for momWhen you’re breastfeeding your baby, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. What you take in is what your body uses to produce milk, however, making it essential that you consider your diet. In today’s warmer climate, it’s more important than ever to think about what you require to keep up your milk supply and continue feeling good.

Don’t Get Dehydrated

When you’re breastfeeding, you’ll have to add 700 millilitres each day to what you usually drink, which equals out to nine cups. Water is always the best choice, though milk and juice can count, too. You should avoid alcohol since your baby’s liver is immature. If you do have a drink, avoid breastfeeding for 2-3 hours afterwards. Keep an eye on your baby’s nappies to make sure they’re taking in enough fluids. They should be producing 6-8 nappies a day with light-coloured urine in them.

Eating a Range of Healthful Foods

The Department of Health has recommendations for women who are breastfeeding when it comes to their diet.

Get your grains. You need 5-7 servings of cereal, bread, pasta, rice or noodles. A serving is two slices of bread or a cup of pasta, rice or noodles and one-third cup of cereal.

Eat your veggies (and legumes!). Get seven servings a day. A single serving is 75 grams of cooked vegetables or a half-cup of cooked beans, lentils or peas. You can also have a small potato or a cup of raw veggies.

Drink your dairy. You can get your two servings of cheese, milk or yoghurt that you need by having 250 millilitres of milk or soy milk, two slices of cheese or a small carton of yoghurt.

Eat your meat. Your meat requirements can be met with two servings a day. You can eat 65-100 grams of cooked chicken or meat, two slices of a roast, two small chops, an 80-120 gram fish fillet, a third cup of almonds or peanuts, two small eggs or a half-cup of cooked beans.

If you feel concerned about your child’s ability to breastfeed or they have a habit such as thumb-sucking that you’d like to get help with, contact Kiddies Infant Care today!

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