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Getting Ready for Tongue Tie Surgery

Baby smiling tongue outThe procedure for tongue tie revision (Laser Frenectomy) is usually very quick, and it can significantly help your baby to breastfeed, eat, talk or swallow easier, therefore assisting with their development.

If your child requires tongue tie surgery, there are ways you can help to prepare them for this procedure.

Pre-surgery Medication

While not always necessary, some parents may like to give their infant some Panadol 30 minutes before the procedure.

Always check the dosing information on the label and consult with your GP prior to giving your child medication. Your GP can also advise you on other methods to reduce your child’s discomfort.

Please keep in mind that medication before your infant’s tongue-tie surgery isn’t always necessary. It is a parental preference. The surgery is performed using a Waterlase Laser, which is a gentle laser that causes very little discomfort.

Sucking Exercises

You can also encourage your child to strengthen their tongue and improve their sucking patterns through regular exercises. These sucking exercises should begin as soon as possible, particularly before your child’s surgery. It is recommended that you do these four times per day in the lead up to the tongue-tie surgery.

Start by rubbing your baby’s lower gumline from side to side and you will notice that your child’s tongue naturally follows. This allows them to develop stronger side-to-side motions.

Let your child suck your finger into their mouth, then slowly pull your finger back out against the force of suction. Let them pull your finger back in and then repeat this process several times.

Next, allow your child to keep sucking on your finger while you use it to apply gentle pressure to their palate.

Finally, turn your finger around so that it can be used to apply gentle pressure on their tongue in a downwards motion. Massage this area gently.

If you would like to discuss our tongue-tie and thumb-sucking solutions in greater detail, please contact us to book a consultation.

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