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Helping Your Child Overcome Oral Restrictions and More

Baby thumb suckingDr Kar Mun Chan (Dental Surgeon) founded Kiddies DentalCare, her specialist paediatric dental practice, in 2006 in Williamstown. In 2010 and 2014, she opened up two key practice locations in Essendon and Werribee respectively. Recognising the need to help infants and children with tongue-tie, she opened Kiddies Infant Care in 2017.

In our warm and friendly practice environment, your child’s comfort is paramount. We feature a special area for kids that includes a TV, PlayStation and an array of toys to keep them entertained.

The Challenges of Tongue-Tie

As a mum of two, Dr Chan has herself overcome the challenges of tongue-tie. She combines her experience as a paediatric dental specialist with a firsthand understanding of what parents go through, including the struggles of breastfeeding. Dr Chan is kind, empathetic and offers years of clinical expertise.

Offering Highly Effective Treatment

A frenectomy is a simple way of treating tongue-tie. The procedure consists of the removal of the restricted tissue with a Laser. At Kiddies Infant Care, we decided to use the best tool available to achieve the best outcome in the most gentle manner. A Waterlase Laser has many advantages compared to other tools:

  • Minimally invasive
  • More precise
  • Short treatment time of just a few minutes
  • Little to no bleeding
  • Less pain and tissue trauma
  • Entire removal of problematic tissue
  • Fast healing and recovery time

The Initial Appointment

During this first appointment, a member of our team will go over your child’s history and presenting symptoms. For infants who are breastfeeding, the history will cover symptoms of both the nursing mother and her baby. Once we collect the patient’s history Dr Chan will perform a physical exam of the patient’s mouth. This includes checking under the top lip. In addition, palpating under the tongue to determine whether a tongue or lip restriction exists. Dr Chan will perform a standard lingual frenum examination protocol for all infants to classify her findings.

Dr. Chan may perform a “suck test” as part of the exam to identify the presence, nature and location of ties. In the exam, a staff member may take photographs and videos of the patient’s mouth as part of the record.

Curtailing Thumb Sucking

As babies often start sucking their thumb in the womb, it’s not surprising that they continue the habit after they’re born. It’s common for infants and toddlers to suck their thumb to fall asleep. While thumb sucking may seem harmless, it can negatively impact a child’s teeth and oral development. Dr Chan offers individualised treatment plans to help kids break the thumb-sucking habit.

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