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Kellie Eason, Lactation Consultant

Kylie Eason, Lactation Consultant

Our team at Kiddies Infant Care work with Kellie, Lactation Consultant to ensure you have the support you need before, during and after treatment for your child. Kellie supports our patients with specialist care and when not working at Kiddies Infant Care, Kellie is working for her own business – Milk.

Visit Kellie’s website here.

Education and Experience

In addition to being an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Kellie also is a registered nurse and a registered midwife. Before becoming an IBCLC, she worked as a nurse for the first two years of her career and then served as a midwife.

Kellie supports families across the continuum—from pregnancy and birth to postnatal care. As someone who loves babies, the postnatal period is the part of a new parents’ journey that she always was interested in supporting.

Providing Needed Support

Milk logo

When Kellie is not working with us she also provides support to her patients through her own business – Milk. Click on the image above to learn more.

While she provides parents with lactation support, Kellie also offers considerable emotional support as dealing with breastfeeding problems is stressful. For babies who have had tongue-tie treatment, Kellie also provides post procedure rehab support.

When Kellie see’s our patients she briefly spends sometime with Mum and Baby before the procedure to reassure them, take their temperature and keep them relaxed. She is also with their baby during the treatment and she is there afterwards to provide breastfeeding/bottle-feeding support.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Approach

To provide her patients with the best possible individualised care, Kellie collaborates with many allied health workers. These include paediatricians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, osteopaths or chiropractors. “Because we have an orofacial myology team here, we can provide exercises to facilitate a baby’s breathing. We also can help prevent future orthodontic issues as well as sleeping problems.”


What does Kellie do in her own business at Milk?

An initial assessment with Kellie takes about two hours. She will get background information about your concerns and will perform a physical evaluation of your baby. Kellie also will watch you feed your baby to pinpoint where the problems may be present.

Kellie then will put all of that information together from the assessment in the form of her recommended plan. She then will provide treatment. If she determines that a review appointment is needed at a later date, she will have you come in with your baby for that meeting.


Outside the Practice

When Kellie’s not at the practice, she loves to spend time with her family. She also enjoys watching movies, reading books and renovating her house. Get to know Kellie more at your next visit or by visiting Kellie’s own website – Milk Early Parenting Support.


Kellie Eason, Lactation Consultant Werribee, Essendon VIC | 1300 527 370