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More than just Tongue Tie - The Many Ways We Help Our Patients

Dr Kar Mun CHan Infant Care ConsultationDr Kar Mun Chan founded Kiddies Dental Care in 2006 as a specialist paediatric dental practice. After many successful years (and an additional two practice locations), she opened Kiddies Infant Care in 2017, recognising the need to help children with tongue-tie and other developmental issues related to their oral health and wellbeing.

As a mother of two young children herself, Dr Chan fully understands the kind and compassionate care needed when dealing with parents and their children. Additionally, Dr Chan has experienced tongue-tie as a parent first-hand, along with the struggles of trying to breastfeed a child with this condition.

As well as helping parents and babies to overcome tongue-tie, we also provide assistance with other issues affecting their oral development or health. These include individualised thumb-sucking treatment plans, working with speech therapist to assess and manage oral myofunctional issues, educational workshops, and specialist referrals.

Thumb-Sucking Solutions

Babies have natural sucking reflexes so it’s not surprising that many reach for their thumb for comfort, including when they fall asleep. The problem with thumb sucking, however, is that it can adversely impact a child’s teeth and mouth. Dr Chan provides individualised assessment to identify possible causes of thumb sucking for the child, formulate a programme customised to each child to break the thumb-sucking habit, as well as to aid with the healthy development of their teeth and mouths.

Educational Workshops

As well as assisting her patients through treatment, Dr Chan also finds it highly fulfilling to provide education to others. She offers workshops for mothers’ groups, maternal child health nurses, professionals who work with infants and those who manage and care for infants and children with oral restrictions.

Specialist Referrals

In some cases, Dr Chan may also refer your child to other specialists to further assist with their condition or development. Through collaborating with other paediatric health professionals, we provide a more comprehensive approach to your infant’s health.

If you wish to speak to our team about any of the issues above, or believe that your child may have tongue-tie, please contact us today.

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