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Because tongue health is essential to a child’s wellbeing and development, we at Kiddies Infant Care are passionate about addressing tongue-tie and thumb sucking in infants and children. We are pleased to offer both tongue-tie treatment and thumb-sucking solutions to help your child enjoy optimal tongue health.

Tongue-Tie Treatment

Dr Kar Mun with mother and childTongue-tie, which is a condition present at birth, can affect the way a child breastfeeds, eats, talks or swallows. If you’ve been seeking an alternative to traditional tongue-tie surgery, Dr Kar Mun Chan (Dental Surgeon) performs laser release of the tongue or lip ties. This procedure is precise and minimally invasive.
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Thumb-Sucking Solutions

Babies have natural sucking reflexes so it’s not surprising that many reach for their thumb for comfort. Infants and toddlers often suck their thumb to fall asleep. The problem with thumb sucking, however, is that it can adversely impact a child’s teeth and mouth. Dr Chan provides individualised treatment plans to help kids break the thumb-sucking habit.
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If your child has tongue-tie or a thumb-sucking habit, we want to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr Chan!


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