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Patient Education at Kiddies Infant Care

At Kiddies Infant Care we are passionate about educating our patients for a healthy long-term experience, not just treating the symptom at the time. We have included some videos below on some popular topics which we believe will be of good value to our patients.

Benefits of WaterLase Laser Dentistry

A lot of patients may wonder what WaterLase is and what the benefits may be. Waterlase is one of the most advanced tools and technology to modern dentistry. It combines a focused light energy and a gentle spray of water for a highly precise and gentle dental experience.

Download the WaterLase info sheet below to learn more!


Factsheets for Child’s Health and Wellbeing

The team at Kiddies Infant Care have completed specialised training with The Thumb Sucking Clinic and are a now preferred provider for treating thumb-sucking habits.

Browse through some popular fact sheets below provided to us by The Thumb Sucking Clinic.

Myths About Thumb and Finger Sucking

Growing Your Child’s Healthy Smile

Dummies and Pacifiers

The Importance of a Clear Airway

What is OMD?

Effective Breastfeeding

Dr Larry Kotlow’s Post Frenectomy Exercises

Diane Bahr – Patient Education

Diane Bahr is a visionary with a mission. For more than 30 years, she has treated children and adults with feeding, motor speech, and mouth function problems. While she is a speech-language pathologist by training, she has also honed her skills as a feeding therapist, published author, international speaker, university instructor, and business owner. Diane co-owns Ages and Stages®, LLC with her husband and business manager Joe Bahr. She is also a mother and a grandmother.

Providing Educational Workshops

Dr Chan at Kiddies Infant Care finds it fulfilling to provide education to others. She offers workshops for mothers’ groups, nurses and any professionals who work with infants with oral restrictions. If your child has tongue-tie, please contact the practice today to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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