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Celebrating Mums While Breastfeeding

light drinking during the holidaysIf you’re breastfeeding, you have to think through a plan every time you leave your house. You make sure that your diaper bag is packed and ready and that you’re prepared with a contingency plan. But what about when you’re heading out without your baby? If you’re a breastfeeding mum and are considering celebrating without your little one, there are several elements you’ll want to consider before making merry.

What to Wear?

If you’re a new mum, you’re likely used to mostly wearing pajamas. In fact, your laundry might entirely be comprised of comfortable clothing combined with your bub’s sweet little outfits. If you’re nursing, you need to think about easy access to pumping during a long night out. You’ll want to consider wearing a button-down or a shirt with a tie front or zipper. You can also wear a specially made nursing top or dress. It keeps it simple if you wear a nursing bra, too, so that you can easily pump when you need to.

How Much You Can Safely Drink While Breastfeeding

There is some research that has been done about drinking alcohol during breastfeeding. We know that alcohol enters breastmilk, but it is nearly impossible to know what effects it has on your baby, making abstaining the safest choice. La Leche League cautions mums that they’re sober enough to breastfeed if they’re sober enough to drive.

Waiting It Out

If you’ve indulged in your favourite alcoholic beverages, you might wonder when it will be safe to breastfeed. The alcohol will enter your breastmilk 30-60 minutes after your first sips. The time it will take to work its way through your system will depend on your size. On average, you can conservatively say that it takes two hours to metabolise each drink you have. It adds up—two hours for a single drink, four hours for two, and so on. If you are small, it will likely take even more time.

We want to make sure that every mum has the easiest time possible with breastfeeding. If you suspect your baby is affected by a tongue-tie  or is having a tough time giving up thumb-sucking, contact Kiddies Infant Care today!

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