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Sensational Days

At Kiddies Infant Care, we take great care to help children with sensory issues get the dental care they need in comfort. For example, children with autism can’t deal with lots of noise or crowds. So when they come into our practice, we have the TV turned off and keep the waiting room calm and quiet. It’s the little things that make the difference in how you get a child to communicate or to deal with certain things.

Providing Calm One-on-One Care

Little girl in dentist chair giving thumbs upAt our Buckley Street practice, we offer a quiet oasis that is not sensory overloaded. One of our oral health therapists specialises in dealing with sensory issues. If your child has a sensory issue, we give parents control in terms of whether or not the TV should be on, how we communicate and if we should look their child in the eye.

We also have a stuffed crocodile that kids can hold while getting their teeth checked. Things like that make a massive difference as does not having the lights on.

When parents book into those sessions, they’ll have a conversation with one of our team members before their child comes in. So we will have a 30-minute chat with the parent before they come in. The conversation will help us get to know the child and what their triggers are.

Building Confidence

Kids with sensory needs can know that, when they come to our practice, they won’t be walking into an environment where there are 50 people in the waiting room. They can retreat to one of our consoling suites and have their teeth checked. Stress can be greatly reduced and kids can get the dental care they need.

So we call these visits Sensational Days so kids with sensory issues can have that same special experience that every child should have!The Sensational Days will be held once a week at our Buckley Street practice and Werribee location.

Working With Amaze

To provide the best possible experience for children with sensory issues, we’re working with Amaze, which is an autism group in Australia. They visited our practice, signed off on everything that we do and provided us with areas that we need to change.

Offering Desensitising Visits

The treatments that a child will be able to get on Sensational Days will be very similar to any of the other procedures. It’s just that the environment is going to be a little bit more controlled based on what the child needs.

A lot of kids need desensitising visits because they might not be able to sit it in a chair yet. But if they come and have a couple of visits and build their confidence up, eventually they’ll be able to do it.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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