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Our Specialty Services

At Kiddies Infant Care, we are passionate about helping our young patients enjoy optimal oral health and bright smiles. That’s why we are pleased to provide the following services:

Thumb-Sucking Solutions

A highly common habit among young children, thumb sucking is comforting, but it can cause damage to the mouth and teeth. Kids often develop a thumb-sucking habit due to feeling nervous or stressed. If not addressed, however, thumb sucking can negatively impact a child’s developing teeth and mouth. We provide a customised plan to help your child break this damaging habit. Read more>>

Oral Myology

Orofacial Myology is a therapy that analyses the structure, arrangement and actions of the facial muscles as well as those of the jaw, tongue and lips. These muscles regulate different functions, including chewing, swallowing and speaking. If your child has problems with speech sounds, thumb sucking, bite problems or other issues, we want to help. Following an initial consultation, we can develop a program completely customised to your child and their unique concerns. Read more>>

Tongue-Tie treatment

Tongue ankyloglossia occurs when the connecting skin under a baby’s tongue is too short or extends too far towards the front of the mouth. Though tongue tie affects only a small percentage of kids, many problems can result. These include speaking and breastfeeding issues and many others. Fortunately, a tongue tie can be resolved without traditional surgery. We offer laser tongue-tie treatment that is straightforward and remarkably effective. Read more>>

Sensational Days

We take great care to help children with sensory issues get the critical dental treatment they need in complete comfort. As an example, kids who have autism aren’t comfortable with noise or crowds. That’s why we take small but important actions, such as keeping our waiting room soothing and quiet. Read more>>

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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