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Welcome to the Kiddies Infant Care Wonderful World of Teeth Infomation Hub. This is your go-to page for any questions you may have about your child’s teeth or simply the place to visit and educate yourself about teeth.

You will find information for your young children such as Teeth Eruption, Thumb-sucking or even “Shark Teeth”, right through to helping your teenagers make correct decisions for their dental health.

We would suggest bookmarking this page for easy access as we know you will come back time and time again. At Kiddies Dental Care, our aim is to provide you and your children with all the tools needed to create ideal dental routines to last a lifetime.

1. Dummies Y or N:

2. Clear Airways:

3. Brushing:

4. Which toothbrush?

5. Thumbsucking:

6. Eruption of Adult Teeth:

7. Shark Teeth:

8. Flossing:

9. Tongue Cleaning:

10. Teeth Grinding:

11. Tongue Tie:

12. Fissure Sealants:

13. Orofacial Myology:

14. Healthy Teens:

15. Sugary Drinks:

16. Mouthguards:

17. Sports Injury:

18. After Hours Support:

19. It’s Flu Season:



* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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