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Tongue-Tie Treatment or Laser Frenectomy

Dr Ka Mun Chan and infantAt Kiddies Infant Care we provide the following service for children with tongue tie:

  • Thorough medical and functional history taking
  • Comprehensive intraoral examination and classification of ties
  • Discussion of management and management options
  • Performing surgical management with Waterlase Laser Dentistry™ or Epic Pro® as indicated

Laser Treatment

If Dr Kar Mun Chan (Dental Surgeon) determines that treatment is needed, your child will be taken to our treatment room and then gently but securely swaddled (in the case of infants) before she performs laser release of the tongue or lip ties. Throughout the procedure, a dedicated nurse will soothe and comfort your child while Dr Chan and her assistant focus on the surgery.

What Happens After Surgery?

Immediately after surgery, your child will be comforted and taken to you in the parents’ room. If your baby is breastfeeding a staff member will assist your child to be able to nurse straightaway. This immediate feeding has the benefit of ensuring the treated area is immediately bathed in sterile, soothing breast milk. Dr Chan and her nurse will be able to observe the functional aspects of your child’s mouth, and the nurse can determine if your baby is able to latch optimally. If you bottle feed your child, we will arrange with you to ensure a bottle is ready post-surgery to allow for an essential feed and cuddle.

Want to Learn More?

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